One arrested in clashes in Guraidhoo

From the protest at K. Guraidhoo on August 19, 2023. (Photo\Sun)

A youth has been arrested in clashes between pro and anti-government supporters, as protesters gathered yesterday at K. Guraidhoo, to protest the opposition coalition’s candidate Dr Mohamed Muizzu who visited the island yesterday evening.

A 22-year-old was arrested after the incident.

As per the journalist from Sun that was present at the time of the incident, the protest got heated and escalated to a fight where one person sustained head injuries and multiple others were also harmed.

The person that sustained the injury to the head was a PPM supporter.

Muizzu was scheduled to be at K. Guraidhoo at 17:30 yesterday, but when he had finished his visit to the people of V. Atoll it had become somewhat late.

The protesters that gathered at the dock where Muizzu arrived first went towards the launch where his wife had arrived in.

According to a person who spoke to Sun, they thought it was the launch that Muizzu was also travelling on.

Police have said that they are investigating the incident further.

While there were protesters, many people came out to welcome and support Muizzu as well.

The opposition PPM supporters have also been protesting and making noise in the islands during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s campaign visits.

As protests, oil was thrown at an MDP party centre in GDh. Hoandedhdhoo and another one in GDh. Madaveli was set on fire.