Mariya: Plan to teach Islam in English designed to pique students’ interest

Mariya Ahmed Didi speaks to press on August 19, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Mariya Ahmed Didi, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s campaign spokesperson and the country’s defense minister, said on Saturday that the ruling MDP’s move to introduce the option of learning Islam in English medium in its education manifesto is designed to pique the interest of school students.

In a press conference on Saturday morning, Mariya said the decision to give students the option of learning Islam in English language is not a matter related to nationalism.

“Islam was created in Arabic, so was the Quran, and hadiths. Therefore, there is no direct link between Dhivehi language and Islamic faith,” she said.

Mariya said the party decided to introduce the option to make it easier to teach Islam to students, and clarify questions they have.

“Nowadays, many of the students communicate in English. There is valid information, enough information to conduct research, regarding Islam in English language,” she said.

Mariya said the goal is to increase students’ interest in Islam and develop it as a subject.

Mariya’s comments defending the decision follows criticism from opposition parties.