Umar Naseer attacked at campaign rally

Umar Naseer launches his 2023 presidential campaign on February 4, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shathiu Abdulla)

Former Home Minister and current presidential candidate, Umar Naseer, has been attacked.

In a Facebook post regarding the incident, Umar said that while participating in the road rally as part of his presidential campaign last night, he was hit in the face with a metal object that was thrown from the crowd.

He further said that the person that threw the object at him is suspected to be a drug dealer and that the person had fled from the scene after throwing it.

Umar also said that his security detail has shared the photo of the suspected culprit with the police.

He has said that he was not injured in this incident.

Umar Naseer has been organizing and holding rallies as part of his presidential campaign in both Hulhumale' and Male’.