Fayyaz: Not interested in becoming the running mate

MDP's Chairperson Fayyaz Ismail (R) and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (L) (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail who also serves as the chairperson of main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), expressing he has no interest in becoming the party’s running mate for the upcoming presidential, has alleged rumors claiming the opposite are being circulated by those interested in the position.

While President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has commenced his campaign in his bid for a second term, he has yet to appoint a running mate. Speaking at an event on Monday, President Solih said many names have been received for the position. He added that discussions were underway with senior officials of the party on appointing a running mate.

Although Minister Fayyaz has not expressed interest in becoming the running mate, rumors claiming he was interested and undertaking work in this trajectory, have been in circulation for a while.

However, speaking to Sun on Tuesday, Minister Fayyaz said he has no interest in becoming the running mate; a fact the president is aware of. He alleged that the rumors regarding him working towards becoming the running mate were circulated by those interested in the position.

He stressed having no interest, at any time, to become the running mate or the vice president.

President Solih has described the appointment of a running mate as the most difficult task at present.

“Appointing a running is the biggest problem in my head right now. By problem, I mean a problem that needs a definitive decision. I have been talking to senior officials of the party individually, seeking their opinion and input,” he said.

Both Vice President Faisal Naseem and Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir who recently joined MDP have expressed interest in being President Solih’s running mate. Rumors have circulated which claims various senior MDP officials’ interest in being the running mate which includes Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid.

VP Faisal is the individual who has held the post of vice president for the longest period of time in the history of Maldives. Therewith, many describe him as a loyal right-hand man.

Elections Commission (EC) will begin accepting candidacy forms for the elections slated for September 9th on Sunday, with a deadline set at August 7th