Cable damage prompts power cut in Hulhuamale’ Phase II

Aerial view of Hulhumale' Phase I and Hulhumale' Phase II. (Photo/Xinhua)

Damage to an electricity distribution cable while digging the road has prompted a power outage in Hulhumale’ Phase II.

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) reported a power outage in some areas in Hulhumale’ Phase 1 and Phase 2; a result of damage to an electricity distribution cable as workers dug the road near Vinares apartments developed in Phase 2.

The company, noting power has presently been resumed to some areas from Phase 1 facing which faced the outage, said power will shortly resume to the remaining areas of Phase 1.

However, the company said power can only be resumed for flats of State-Owned Enterprises in Phase 2 after fixing the cable.

“The work is expected to take two hours,” the company added.