Power goes out from Male’ and part of Hulhumale’

Aerial shot of Male' city. (Photo/Alamy)

A technical issue on Wednesday resulted in power outages in Male’ City and parts of Hulhumale’.

Power went out in Male’ close to 12:00 pm Wednesday, but was restored within approximately 15 minutes.

State Electric Company (STELCO) said the outages resulted from two engines powering down during upgrade work at Hulhumale’ Powerhouse.

STELCO said it has resolved the issue, and is working on re-energizing the Greater Male’ Interconnection Grid.

“Nine of the feeders used to power Male’ have now been energized. And all feeders in Hulhumale’, except for one, have been energized. We are working on energizing the remaining feeders,” said a spokesperson from STELCO.

STELCO apologized to customers for the inconvenience.