MRM: Government violated coaition agreement

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and leader of MRM, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. (Sun Photo / Ahmed Avshan Ilyas)

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) accused the government of violating the coalition agreement.

While contesting for the Presidential Elections in 2018, the leading opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) joined forces with other opposition parties, and formulated an agreement to move forward with a ‘joint-party’ government.

With only months left of the five year term, although the agreement remains, some of those holding political positions, oppose the government are being dismissed.

The Deputy Minister for Education Ismail Zabeer who is from MRM was removed from the position recently. On Thursday, MRM released a statement expressing concern over the matter.

In it, the party noted that Zabeer was an educated and capable individual, and that warranted a dismissal. Moreover, the statement said that his sudden dismissal was extremely concerning.

“Zabeer is someone who carried out his assigned responsibilities very carefully, honestly and with sincerity,” said MRM.

The statement also highlighted the work done by Zabeer as Deputy Minister during his four year, four month tenure. They noted that he played a vital role in cutting down student loan admin fee from three percent to one.

Furthermore, MRM noted that in some cases Zabeer has even filled in for the minister, when she was travelling abroad for work, or otherwise. It was said that in these instances, he had taken the role of running the ministry responsibly with sincerity, as per the guidance of the minister.

“This party expresses concern over this decision taken in violation of the coalition agreement, with out any discussions, and giving any specific reason.”

MRM said that distributing political positions to those incapable of carrying out the responsibilities for a political benefit was extremely harmful.