Order on halting MRM’s dissolution upheld

A capture from a press conference previously held by the leadership of Maldives Reform Movement (MRM). (Sun Photo)

Civil Court has decided against reviewing the court’s order instructing to halt the enforcement of the Elections Commission (EC)’s decision to dissolve Maldives Movement (MRM).

EC, on May 24th, decided to dissolve the party – founded by former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom – for failure to bring up its membership to 3,000. Civil Court, on May 29th, ordered against enforcing EC’s decision.

EC subsequently appealed to Civil Court to review their decision.

Civil Court, on Friday, said EC, in their request, failed to point out any non-disclosure from MRM that may hinder the issuance of the order in absentia.

The court stressed that they are unable to review their decision as they lean towards no reason hindering the issuance of the order in absentia based on MRM’s request to issue the order and the supporting documents submitted.

Therefore, EC cannot enforce its decision to dissolve MRM before a court decision on the matter.

MRM called EC’s decision “illegal and corrupt”; an allegation that has been denied by EC.