Nizar: Opposition trying to disrupt the country

From the event held to celebrate the development brought to Addu on the night of June 4, 2023.

Addu City Mayor, Ahmed Nizar has said that the opposition is trying to sow discontent and chaos in the country by throwing baseless accusations of theft at people.

Speaking at an event held in Addu City last night, Nizar highlighted the development the current administration brought to Addu City. he said that the five-year term of the administration is coming to an end with a feeling of peace, but alleged that there are people who are trying to disturb the peace and sow discontent.

“They are baselessly accusing people of theft. There is no basis for these accusations,” Nizar said.

Offering a guarantee that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will not commit theft, he said that anyone that knows the President will agree that he will not betray the trust of the people. 

He also said that the opposition accuses the President of such things only to get ahead in the political race.

“If our President gets elected for another term, it will be difficult for opposing political figures to use the same useless words and tactics to promote and send seditious messages to the public,” Nizar said.

Highlighting that the Maldives and its current political environment need to change, Nizaar said that some people are trying to create discontent in the public by lying about things such as the Chagos issue.

“Who is the President responding to. What tweet has he sent, what accusations has he made. They are accusing the President of attempted murder,” he said.

After pointing out that the president does not have to respond to all the accusations, he went on to say that it would be an added difficulty in steering the country in the direction the people want if the President were to respond to all these accusations.

He said that President Solih deserved a second term.

“We are seeing Addu developing all around us, this is the truth, we can see what’s happening. Even the Airport. The resources to develop our country at a base level have been delivered to us in this term of presidency. What’s left for us is to give President Solih a second term to finish developing this atoll. In my opinion, if everyone bands together to make this happen, Addu City can produce 80 percent very easily,” Nizar said.