Police speculate possible unlawful conduct at opposition rally

Police Headquarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam Building. (Sun file photo)

Maldives Police Service has revealed having received intel speculating possibly unlawful conduct at the rally slated for tonight by the opposition alliance alleging part of the Maldivian maritime territory has been sold.

In a statement on Friday, Police said they have received intel of some prospective participants of the opposition rally conspiring and intending to commit unlawful acts.

Therewith, they urged prospective participants to conduct themselves in a manner that does not lead to civil unrest and which complies with the provisions of the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Act. They also urged against any unlawful conduct.

Police, in their statement, also reiterated their priority they allocate to provide security for peaceful events carried out in compliance with the Freedom of Peaceful Assembly Act and ensure the safety of locations, roads and other places which interlinks with such events.

Opposition PPM-PNC coalition, MNP and The Democrats – the new political party spearheaded by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed currently in the process of being formed – established an opposition alliance over their discontentment with the ITLOS’ ruling. The opposition alliance is gearing up to hold a major-scale protest in Male’ City on Friday night.

ITLOS, on April 28th, concluded that the conflicting Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between Mauritius and Maldives will be divided between the two using the equidistance formula as argued by Maldives in the case.

Thus, Maldives gains 47,232 square kilometers from the 95,563 square kilometers of maritime territory in dispute while Mauritius gains 45,331 square kilometers. 

The opposition alliance claim Maldives is entitled to the 95,563 square kilometers of maritime territory in dispute.