Addu man who killed brother jailed pending trial’s end

Hussain Mawaz, 25.

Police, on Friday, stated that the young man arrested for killing his brother after a verbal dispute escalated into violence in Addu City has been remanded in custody pending the outcome of his trial by court.

The police, however, did not disclose which court ordered the young man’s remand.

The stabbing, which took place at a home in the Maradhoo Feydhoo district, was reported to the police at 11:38 pm on Wednesday.

Ahmed Shuaib, 27, died shortly after he was taken to the Addu Equatorial Hospital.

His brother, Hussain Mawaz, 25, was arrested under a court order on Thursday afternoon.

Locals report that Shuaib was stabbed inside his home, and later collapsed on the pavement outside the house.

Sun has learned that the verbal dispute that escalated into violence had been regarding drugs.