FSM barges remain held; officials head to Eritrea

One of the barges held in Eritrea on April 26, 2023.

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has decided to send two officials to Eritrea, where two of its barges remain detained after making an illegal entry last April.

The two barges had been on their maiden voyage from Egypt – where they were built – to Maldives when they ran into bad weather, technical trouble with the steering wheel of one of the vessels, and illness among the crew – leading them to have an emergency entry to Eritrea’s port on April 26.

The barges were captured and the crew detained for illegal entry.

FSM’s managing director Mohamed Qasam told Sun on Wednesday that they have yet to secure the release of the barge.

He said they are working on sending two officials from FSM and a lawyer to Eritrea to secure their release.

“The trip is arranged by the Foreign Ministry. Foreign Ministry is making visa arrangements for the officials,” he said.

Qasam said FSM has not been receiving any information except regarding the condition of the crew; four Maldivians and four Egyptians.

He said that they are all in good health.

We are keeping a close eye on their condition, he added.