FSM: Documents destroyed were old and of no use

Screen grab from the video which appears to show the disposal of FSM's documents.

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has refuted allegations with respect to the viral video on social media – claiming the documents being destroyed in the video are old and are of no use to the company.

The company, in a statement on Monday, said that the documents being destroyed in the viral social media video were documents that had been stored for over an extended period of time, adding that none of them were of use to the company anymore.

The company said its management alleges that such videos are shot and circulated on social media in order to create a negative outlook of the company in front of their customers.

They also said the company’s management believes such acts could mislead the public from the truth.

A video viral on social media shows FSM staff destroying a large sum of documents via a cement grinding machine.

Many, on social media, expressing concern over the destruction of documents amid the transitional phase, have called for an investigation. They have also raised questions as to why such a large sum of documents needed to be destroyed if the company’s operations had been in line with the stipulated laws and regulations.

The video was shot by FSM’s technician Ahmed Anees. He has been suspended after the video was made public.

Anees, confirming it was him who shot the video, told Sun he shot the video over suspicions surrounding the destruction of the documents in such a manner during the transitional phase. However, he said the video was publicized on social media by a friend, who he shared the video with.