FSM suspends employee who recorded disposal of documents

Screen grab from the video which appears to show the disposal of FSM's documents.

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has suspended an employee who recorded the disposal of official company documents.

A video on social media appears to show bundles of documents being put into a cement mixer.

The video was recorded by Ahmed Anees, a technician at FSM.

Anees told Sun that it was common practice for FSM to dispose of documents they don’t want to keep at the head office.

But I found this being done, especially during the transition period, highly suspicious, he said.

Anees said that this was why he recorded the video.

He said the video went viral after a friend he shared it with posted it on social media.

“Given the current circumstances, how are we to know if the documents are relevant or not? It has been informed not to do anything during the transition period, when one president will be replaced with the other,” he said.

Anees said he does not find the decision by the FSM to flout the instructions acceptable.

“If the situation is unclear… It is our right, isn’t it? We must get to the bottom of it,” he said.

Anees, who has worked at the FSM for the last eight years, said that after the video went viral, he was summoned and questioned by the HR department, and serviced with a notice of suspension.

He said the suspension notice was signed by FSM’s CFO Aishath Fayaza.

FSM was not immediately available for comment.