FSM: Two barges still in Eritrea, crew in good health

Fuel Supplies Maldives’ (FSM) Managing Director Mohamed Qasam takes a selfie on one of the fuel barges procured by the company from Egypt. (Photo/Facebook)

Fuel Supplies Maldives’ (FSM) Managing Director Mohamed Qasam, on Tuesday, revealed that the crew of the two fuel barges held in Eritrea are in good health.

The two new additions to FSM’s fleet were built in Egypt. While en route to the Maldives from Egypt, the two barges were met with severe weather conditions which caused a technical issue to the engine system of one of the barges. Some crew members also fell sick. On April 26th – both barges were held in Eritrea after being accused of illegal entrance.

FSM’s Managing Director Qasam said the employees have now recovered while discussions are underway with Eritrean Embassy through Foreign Ministry.

“Have been in talks with the country’s embassy via Foreign Ministry starting from the first day since the case arose. The latest update given by the embassy was that the case is under investigation,” he detailed.

Qasam said that the two barges entered Eritrea after multiple failed attempts to contact the country’s port.

“Am unable to say when the issue will be solved. However, the employees aboard two barges are in good health,” he added.

The crew of the two barges comprised four Maldivians and four Egyptian. They were both procured for FSM’s internal operations and have a capacity of 250,000 liters.  

Eritrea is located in eastern Africa in the Horn of Africa, to the north of Ethiopia and bordering the Red Sea in the northeast.