Customs seize drugs from two packages smuggled via post

A package sealed as evidence. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Maldives Customs Service has yet again seized drugs attempted to be smuggled into the Maldives via post.

In a statement on Monday, Customs said that the drugs were discovered last Tuesday amid scanning packages brought to the Maldives via post. They detailed that dried leaves were found in one of the packages they decided needed further searching over suspicions which during the first phase of testing was confirmed as cannabis.

The package was brought to the Maldives from the United States.

Customs said the cannabis weighed 120 grams, whereas the street value estimate is MVR 96,000. They also noted that the package had been handed over to Maldives Police Service for further investigations.

Additionally, over half a kilo of drugs attempted to be smuggled into the Maldives via post was seized on the same day, as reported by Customs. In total, the drugs weighed 520 grams. Its street value is estimated at MVR 900,000.

Police, in an earlier statement, said party drugs are mostly smuggled into the Maldives via post.