Discussions held on training journalists to cover protests and rallies

Broadcasting Commission of the Maldives (BroadCom) and Maldives Police Service holds discussions on February 12, 2023. (Photo/BroadCom)

Broadcasting Commission of the Maldives (BroadCom) and Maldives Police Service held discussions on Sunday regarding conducting a training program for journalists who cover protests and rallies.

The discussion regarding the training program took place during a meeting between BroadCom and the Police on Sunday over injuries to some journalists in dispersing recently held protests.

Briefing Sun regarding the meeting, BroadCom’s President Mariyam Waheeda said discussions were held with the Police regarding inquiring how the incidents happened and identifying what subsequent actions can be taken.

Mariyam Waheeda said that similar discussions have been held with the Police previously over instances of journalists being injured during protests and rallies, where they explore how to avoid such incidents in the future.

Two journalists from Channel 13 were injured as police dispersed a demonstration by the opposition PPM-PNC coalition outside the Parliament last Monday. One of the journalists, who was transferred to Sri Lanka for further treatment, has now returned to the Maldives.

While police investigate the case further – they have issued a statement expressing concern over injuries to both journalists. In this regard, the police said it is unlikely officers intently hurt the journalists.

Nevertheless, the police said that Professional Standards Command will conduct a full review of the incident.