MDP primary: Voters tear up ballot papers in Gadhdhoo

Disturbance at the polling station in GDh. Gadhdhoo in the MDP presidential primary on January 28, 2023.

A fight erupted at the polling station in GDh. Gadhdhoo on Saturday, disrupting voting in the highly contentious MDP presidential primary.

A video shared by Gadhdhoo MP Ahmed Zahir shows people engage in verbal fights, and tear up ballot papers and damage the ballot box kept in the polling station.

A local resident told Sun the dispute occurred after a voter reportedly came in wearing a bodycam.

“The group threw and tore up ballot papers. Someone came in with a body camera. The others there got angry. They threw the chairs and the tables,” said the local.

The videos of the polling station show the disturbance remains out of control despite the police presence there.

The primary sees President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and MDP’s leader and Parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed compete for the party’s presidential ticket.

Disturbances have been reported in several polling stations across Maldives over allegations of fraud, including cases of unregistered voters casting votes.