Gender Ministry: 109 of 245 cases reviewed in December on violence against children

Children captured at an event. (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Shamweel)

Statistics publicized by Gender Ministry show that from the 245 cases received and attended by the ministry in December 2022 – 109 of them pertained to violence against children.

In this regard, 30 cases of witness to domestic violence, 39 cases of negligence, 19 cases of sexual abuse, 13 cases of physical abuse and 12 cases of emotional abuse were reviewed by the Ministry in December 2022. Meanwhile, one case each on blackmail, bullying and harassment and cyberbullying were reviewed.

Statistics for October and November also show that most cases reviewed by the Ministry during the respective months pertained to violence against children.

In October – the Ministry reviewed 208 cases in total of which 79 cases pertained to violence against children. In November – the Ministry reviewed 252 cases in total of which 107 cases pertained to violence against children.

During December, two children were taken into state case while four were reintegrated with families. Two children who turned 18 were reintegrated back into society with jobs.

A total of 187 children were in state care during December of which 82 were girls and 105 were boys.

Statistics for December also show that the Ministry attended to 54 cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence. Out of this, 26 cases pertained to physical violence or abuse, 17 pertained to emotional or verbal abuse, four cases pertained to intimidation, three cases pertained to sexual violence or abuse, two cases pertained to sexual harassment and one case each on economic and financial abuse and negligence.