Child who became a victim of abuse relocated to safe place

A screenshot from viral video on social media showing a mother abusing her child.

Gender Ministry states the child who had become a victim of abuse from the mother has now been relocated to a safe environment.

A video of the incident went viral on social media recently, which shows a child, getting hit by a woman who is seen waiting in front of an elevator door as the child exited the elevator. The child is then seen rushing into the apartment, followed by the woman.

The individual who shared the post on social media identified the woman as the mother of the child.

Gender Ministry confirmed to Sun that the video which went viral on social media had been brought to their attention.

The Ministry, in this regard, said they have taken the necessary safety precautions and relocated the child to a safe environment.

Gender Ministry also advised against sharing photos and videos of such incidents on social media and instead urged to report to authorities at the earliest - by contacting the Ministry at 1412 or Maldives Police Service at 3322111 to file the report.