MMC - Indian High Commission discuss training local journalists from India

Maldives Media Council (MMC) held discussions with the Indian High Commission in Maldives on training local journalists from India. (Photo / MMC)

Maldives Media Council (MMC) on Thursday held discussions with the Indian High Commission in Maldives on sending local journalists to India for training programmes.

These discussions with the High Commission to get the opportunity to train Maldivian journalists from educational institutions in India were part of MMC’s initiative to provide further training to locals.

MMC was represented at this discussion by the council’s President Ahmed Musthafa, Secretary General Dr Ibrahim Sameer and council members Mohamed Afrah, Moosa Rasheed and Arman Rasheed.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the High Commission, Commissioner Shri Munu Mahawar and First Secretary Karan Yadav participated.

According to MMC, discussion topics include bringing experts from India to Maldives in order to conduct training programmes as well as various other trainings.

Additionally, MMC also discussed getting short- and long-term scholarship programmes.

Furthermore, the council revealed that High Commissioner Mahawar provided assurances he would work towards providing the training opportunities.