A history of drug abuse and theft; and finally, murder

Mohamed Nizam, 45.

They left Vilimale’ on a small fuel delivery boat. Police posted an announcement seeking public’s aid to find the two men who left on the boat on December 31.

The missing persons investigation launched to find Mohamed Nizam, 45, Manaaru, GDh. Thinadhoo; and Mohamed Liton, 35, Bangladesh, took an unexpected turn. Nizam was found in a guesthouse in Male’ City. The case has now turned into a murder investigation. The prime suspect: Nizam.

Nizam was arrested the same day he was found. While police confirm he is the suspect in a murder, they refuse to make an official comment regarding the specifics.

It served to increase the confusion surrounding the whole case and fuel speculation.

However, a top police official provided unofficial confirmation that Nizam is suspected of killing Liton – who was reported missing with him.


Sources from Thinadhoo, Nizam’s home island, told Sun that he had been committing crimes as far back as 2006.

“I have known Nizam since 2006. He was involved in theft and drug offenses even back then. But I never heard of any involvement in any violent crime; assault or gang violence and such,” said a local.

He was arrested multiple times.

A top official said Nizam’s first arrest was from Thinadhoo back in 2008. He was arrested three times in drug-related cases that year.

He was arrested twice in 2014; for theft and drug abuse. He was arrested again in 2015 for drug abuse, and in 2020, 2021 and 2022 for petty theft.

Nizam is now a suspected of having resorted to murder to steal money. He is detained in a remand jail and police investigate the case.