Minister Shahid: President Solih needs to be re-elected to maintain stability

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid speaks at an MDP event. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid expresses his wishes for the election of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for a second term, citing that the administration has been patient and allowed differences in opinion.

Speaking at ‘Jagaha Jalsaa’, an event held on Thursday night for supporters of President Solih, Minister Shahid said that a chaotic government is no longer needed. He added that he does not wish to see a government where political opponents are jailed, and there is no space for differences in opinion.

“Want a fair government. A leader who allows differences in opinion, and respects citizens and government bodies. We want a government where the law is enforced. That is President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s patient and capable government,” he said.

Minister Shahid said that political stability in the Maldives can only be ensured with the re-elected of President Ibrahim Mohamed.

“By the will of god, we will finish this work by re-electing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih,” he added.

Minister Shahid also strongly criticized former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom during his speech. In this regard, he said that during Yameen’s administration, he arrested and jailed political figures, sent soldiers to the parliament, and took over the judiciary.

“Have seen political figures being arrested, the law only applying to selected people, and the president disrespecting government bodies, sending soldiers to the parliament, and dragging the members here and there. I do not wish to see this again,” he said.

MDP announced its decision to hold the primary on January 28th, 2023, on Sunday morning.

The two candidates who have expressed intention to run in the primary are the two most senior leaders of the party; President Solih and MDP’s leader Mohamed Nasheed.

The primary comes at a time MDP is divided into two factions – in a major internal conflict. One faction rally behind Nasheed, while the other, President Solih.