Nishama’s death: Husband surrender, after initially fleeing

Faisal Ali (Adh. Fenfushi) - suspect for the murder of his wife Nishama Mohamed, 28, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances. (Photo / Social media)

Husband of a young woman from HDh. Nolhivaram was found dead under suspicious circumstances and surrenders himself to the authorities after initially fleeing.

Nishama Mohamed, 28, was found dead in her bedroom on Saturday afternoon, and the case was reported to police at approximately 12:30 pm.

Her husband – Faisal Ali (Adh. Fenfushi) is a suspect in the murder.

The local Council of Nolhivaram stated earlier that Faisal has fled the island. He is believed to have gone to Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi.

Sun has come to know that in the evening, Faisal went to the Kulhudhuffushi Police Station, and surrendered himself.

Notably, a few hours prior to him walking into the police station, Faisal had uploaded pictures of Nishama and their children to his Facebook profile.

Reportedly, he has been using drugs in secrecy, and someone who spoke from Nolhivarum noted that he is often seen with people who are known users as well.

The couple moved to Nolhivarum this year, and prior to that had married and lived in Fenfushi.

 Nolhivaram councilwoman Niyasha Khaleel told Sun the family believes Nishama’s death to be suspicious.

According to the councilwoman, Nishama had been in good health and had even reportedly talked to friends Saturday morning.

Moreover, a family member who spoke to Sun confirmed the family believes she was killed by her husband. The family declined to many any further comment.

Police revealed that Nishama’s body was taken to the Nolhivaram Health Center with their assistance.

“Doctors informed police she was already deceased when taken to the health centre,” said a police spokesperson.

Nishama is survived by three young children.