Family against performing postmortem of Nishama’s body

Nishama Mohamed, 28, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

The family of Nishama Mohamed found dead in HDh. Nolhivaram under suspicious circumstances have stated they are against performing a postmortem of her body.

Speaking to Sun on Saturday night, Nishama’s father Mohamed said that he against performing a postmortem.

“Do not wish for her body to be brought to Male’, and then India to conduct postmortem examinations. Discussions are underway to initiate a lawsuit,” he stated.

Mohamed emphasized that although police are required to carry out their responsibilities in ensuring a comprehensive investigation of the case – he is explicitly against a postmortem.

“If I was alone, I would have ended the case at this point. Because there are other children, they are handling it,” he had said.

Nishama was taken to Nolhivaram Health Centre at approximately 14:14pm on Saturday afternoon after she was discovered dead in her room, at her home.

Police, revealing that Nishama’s body had been taken to Kulhudhuffushi in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, said that efforts were underway to transport the body to Male’ City.

They also confirmed the arrest of Nishama’s husband, Aboobakuru Faisal, Rosy Villa, ADh. Fenfushi, under a court order in connection to her death.

“Police are investigating the case. The investigation team has decided to perform a postmortem of Nishama’s body,” the police added.

Nishama’s husband. Faisal, has been suspected of murdering her. He works as a technician at the Fenaka branch in Nolhivaram. Following Nishama’s death, he fled the island and went to Kulhudhuffushi.

He later turned himself in at Kulhudhuffishi Police Station.

A family member of Nishama told Sun that they also suspect Faisal’s involvement in her death.

However, a motive for the murder, or any further details remain unclear at the moment.