Highest number of child abuse cases reported in October involve negligence

Children fly kites in the Usfasgandu area of Male' City on April 23, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Gender Ministry states it received reports of 79 cases of different forms of violence against children in October.

Gender Ministry released its case statistics for October on Tuesday.

According to Gender Ministry, it received and attended to 208 cases in October, the majority of which involved violence against children. The figure is down from the 219 cases received and attended to in September.

The Gender Ministry received reports of 79 different cases of violence against children in October, the highest number of which involved negligence.

23 cases involved negligence, and 22 involved sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, 12 more cases involved physical abuse, 11 involved emotional abuse, five involved witnessing domestic violence, two involved exploitation, two involved victims of bullying and harassment, one involved a victim of cyberbullying, and one involved blackmail.

Gender Ministry also attended to 36 cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence in October.

15 of the cases involved physical violence, 12 involved emotional or verbal abuse, three involved sexual violence, three involved neglect, one involved forced labor, one involved economic and financial abuse, and one involved withholding or damage to property.

Gender Ministry attended to 33 cases involving family issues.

12 of the cases involved access to children, 11 involved parenting issues, seven involved custody or access issues, and three involved maintenance issues.

Meanwhile, 22 cases were reported to the Gender Ministry in October involving care and support of the elderly and persons with disabilities.

It included 17 cases involving care and support for persons with disabilities, and five cases involving care and support for the elderly.

Gender Ministry attended to 13 cases involving self-harm or suicidal behavior in October.

It included eight cases involving self-harming, three cases involving suicidal thoughts, and two cases involving suicidal behavior.

Gender Ministry also attended to two cases involving children in conflict with the law.

Meanwhile, there were 17 cases involving child behavioral problems reported in October; six cases of running away from home, four cases of temper tantrums, three cases of refusal to attend school, two cases of delinquent behavior, one case involving disciplinary issues, and one case of aggression, oppositional or antisocial behavior.

Gender Ministry also attended to six cases involving violation of child rights in October. It involved of two cases of refusal to send children to school, two cases of violation of the right to safe drinking water, one case involving birth registration, and one case involving violation of the right to electricity.

There are 183 children under state care; 107 boys and 76 girls. Two children were taken into state care in October, while four were reintegrated with their family, one was placed with a foster family, and one was reintegrated to the society with a job after turning 18 years of age.