Addu Mayor: Government failed to solve drug crisis

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar.

The Mayor of Addu City, former Parliamentarian Ali Nizar on Saturday said that the entire government has failed as a result of the unresolved drug crisis.

In a tweet expressing his sentiments on the issue, the mayor stated that Maldives was close to ruin over the drug crisis, and people have taken law enforcement upon themselves having run out of options.

“The entire government has failed over this [issue of drugs]”

Speaking with Sun regarding this issue, Mayor Nizar stated that all the past governments have also failed to solve the drug issue.

He added that not only have the past governments proved to be incapable of ending the drug trade, but they have also failed in providing adequate treatment for those who get caught up in it.

“There are no options for those who are sentenced for treatment as well. Even after a year passes by after requesting treatment on their own, they are not facilitated with options.”

Additionally, he said that the situation in Addu was deteriorating day by day. He also noted that the number of young children involved is increasing at an alarming rate.

“No solutions are coming for this. Thefts are just as numerous. Breaking into homes and stealing in broad daylight. Breaking into shops…,” said the mayor explaining the situation in Addu.

Moreover, he said that he does not doubt the government’s priorities in developing Addu. However, he said that despite carrying out many developmental projects, the unresolved drug crisis was the biggest concern.

“We are living in that much of a scare. Always being forced to stay with all doors locked. Drug businesses are carried out right in front of our eyes. All of this is ongoing. The situation is very serious.”

He also warned that there is a chance of losing another life should this situation remain unsolved.

As a member of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Nizar pleaded with the government to attend to the drug crisis at a national level, and so save Addu from this.