Hulhumale’ home fire: family provided temporary housing

Aftermath of a fire at a home in Hulhumale' Phase II on August 15, 2022. (Photo/MNDF)

National Disaster Management (NDM) has arranged temporary housing accommodation for the residents of the home in Hulhumale’ Phase II that was damaged in a fire.

An official from NDM revealed to Sun on Tuesday that a couple along with their three children were living in a two-room apartment.

The authority has arranged food and accommodation for the family for seven days following the incident.

Additionally, NDM estimated that the family can move back into their home within seven days.

The fire broke out in the home’s kitchen on Monday, August 15 as per Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

It was also detailed that the fire was a result of a cooking pan on the stove catching on fire.

MNDF received reports at 14.09 and was able to subdue the fire on attendance.

A cupboard fixed in the house’s kitchen alongside some other items was damaged beyond use in the fire.

None of the family members sustained any injuries in this incident.