NDMA provides relief aid to family affected in Machangolhi fire

Fire breaks out in a room in Ma. Amtation in Male' City on August 6, 2021. (Photo/MNDF)

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has provided relief aid to the family affected in a fire in their home in Machangolhi district of Male’ City. 

The fire broke out in a room in Ma. Amtation on Friday night. The fire was reported to MNDF Fire and Rescue Service at 07:45 pm.  

NDMA states it has provided MVR 7,800 as relief aid to the family affected in the incident to cover their immediate basic needs. 

MNDF’s spokesperson Major Ibrahim Azim said fire first caught on a pile of clothes, sofa and mattress in the room before spreading to the rest of the room. 

The items in the room were burned beyond use by the time firefighters extinguished the fire at 08:04 pm.