Enough signatures collected to submit no-confidence motion of Nasheed, Eva

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed (R) and Parliament Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla (L). (Sun Graphics/Ali Shahin)

Enough signatures have been collected in order to submit a no-confidence motion against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, and Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla.

A member of Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) parliamentary group confirmed to Sun on Thursday that enough signatures have been collected to submit a no-confidence motion against the Parliament Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

As per Article 82 of the Maldivian constitution – a no-confidence motion against the Parliament Speaker or Deputy Speaker can only be submitted if at least one-fourth of the sitting members agree that it’s necessary.

In this regard, a resolution must be submitted to the parliament with the signatures of one-fourth of the members, specifying the reasons.

The parliament then may establish a committee to investigate the matters specified in the resolution which calls the for the removal of the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker. Moreover, a fourteen-day notice of debate on the floor concerning such a resolution must be given to the Speaker or Deputy Speaker who will have the right to defend themselves. They will also have a right to legal counsel.

Regulations governing the functioning of the parliament shall specify the principles and procedures concerning a resolution to remove Speaker, or Deputy Speaker from office.

A resolution to remove the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker can only be passed if it receives two-thirds majority of the total membership of the parliament. In such an event, the Speaker, or Deputy Speaker will cease to hold office.

MDP members commenced efforts to initiate a no-confidence motion against Nasheed after he claimed to have explicit photos of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih with a young girl. The claims were made following the arrest of Nasheed’s younger brother, Nazim Sattar, by the police in their probe of the video leaked online which allegedly shows Nazim engaging in sexual relations with Bangladeshi sex worker, Alamgiri.

Speaking to Sun regarding the matter, Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam said that Nasheed currently lacked the requirements a speaker should have in a law-making body of an Islamic nation.

She added that should Nasheed wish to defend his arrested brother – he cannot do so “in that manner” while holding the post of the parliament speaker.

MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader, Hithadhoo MP Mohamed told Sun that many members of MDP Parliamentary Group have expressed lack of confidence in Nasheed.

“Many members of parliamentary group have stated they have no confidence for Nasheed who is serving as the Parliament Speaker. Therefore, they wish to submit a no-confidence motion against Nasheed to the parliament as well,” he had said.

Aslam said that should the members request, a parliamentary group meeting will be held where they will take a vote on the matter. He added that if filing a no-confidence motion is approved in the meeting – the motion will then be submitted to the parliament.

The parliament comprises of 65 MDP members – of which the majority supports President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.