MRM requests EC to process forms submitted by the party

MRM's leader, Former President of the Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. (Sun Photo;/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has requested the Elections Commission (EC) to process the forms submitted by the party.

Political parties with less than 3,000 members, including MRM, were sent notice of dissolution recently.

In a statement released on Thursday night regarding the matter, MRM said that the party would have over 3.000 members when the membership forms submitted so far are included.

“Nevertheless, we note that many forms submitted have not been processed by Elections Commission,” the statement read.

The party detailed that through its hard work, they have submitted a total of 1,407 forms to EC in recent days. In this regard, they detailed 123 forms were submitted on this Thursday, 225 forms were submitted last Thursday and 103 forms were submitted the Thursday before. MRM stressed that 1,297 forms from the aforementioned has yet to be processed.

In MRM’s statement, they further stated that over 700 membership forms had been submitted by the party since EC’s announcement of political parties with less than 3,000 members.

“We note that some of the forms from the forms presently submitted to the Elections Commission was actually submitted long ago. Therewith, the party recently met with some members of the Elections Commission to request and discuss expediting processing the forms,” they had said.