No-confidence vote against Media Council president not passed

Shahuban Fahmy, president of Maldives Media Council (MMC). (Photo/MMC)

The no-confidence vote taken on Sunday against the President of Media Council Shahuban Fahmy did not pass due to a lack of an adequate number of votes.

Speaking about it to Sun, Shahuban said that he was unaware of the Emergency Motion under which the vote was taken against him by the Media Council.

A total of four members voted in favour of Shahuban, and the remaining eight voted against him.

While there is no way under the constitution to take a no-confidence vote against the media council president, however, members can take a vote to remove the president. In total, a third of the votes need to be against to remove from power.

There is a total of 15 members in the media council, hence, votes from 10 members are needed.

Shahuban expressed that the results of the votes show that the council trusts him and that it shows that the members do not believe the accusations against him were not a part of his civic responsibility.

“This is truly a very big success. So, I will remain as before.”

Additionally, he noted that just because someone is accused of a crime, it does not make them a criminal.

His case of money laundering charges was submitted to the Parliament’s Committee on Independent Institutions on Sunday.