BML funds community beach area in Lhaimagu

Residents of Sh. Lhaimagu at the community beach area developed under BML's Community Fund initiative. (Photo/BML)

Bank of Maldives on Tuesday announced the successful completion of a community beach area in Sh. Lhaimagu, funded under its Community Fund initiative.

The beach area is designed for islands to enjoy a variety of activities. There are BBQ grill stands, seating areas, huts, traditional 'joalis', picnic tables and hammocks to facilitate this.

Moreover, BML stated that as part of the project, solar-powered lights were installed in the area to reduce the carbon footprint. This also enables easy access to the area during the night.

To date, through the Community Fund, the BML has provided financial assistance for 65 projects across the.

The bank highlighted that the fund focuses on empowering individuals to contribute to society through sustainable community projects.