Diabetmin – the most imported medicine in 2020

Pharmacists issue drugs at a pharmacy in Maldives. (File Photo/Sun)

Statistics show the most imported medicine in year 2020 was a drug used to treat diabetes.

Maldives’ health statics for year 2020 released by the Health Ministry on Sunday shows Diabetmin (metformin) topped the list of 20 most important pharmaceuticals during the year.

The second and third most imported medicine in 2020 were two injections used to treat dehydration and blood loss, and burns.

The statistics show Panadol was the fourth most imported medicine, followed by Uphamol.

Placed seventh, eighth and ninth on the list were three doses of a medicine used for thyroids.

The statistics also show 838 people died of non-infectious diseases. It includes 23 people who died of diabetes related complications.