Govt. seeks contractors to develop hospitals in 3 islands

Building design of new hospital planned for HA. Dhidhdhoo. (Photo/Health Ministry)

 Finance Ministry has issued invitation to tender for development of hospitals under contractor financing in three islands; HA. Ihavandhoo, N. Kendhikulhudhoo, and Lh. Hinnavaru. 

The development of hospitals in the three islands is one of the pledges of the current administration. While the foundation has been laid for hospitals in some of the islands, the actual construction work has yet to begin. 

Finance Ministry issued invitation to tender for the three projects on Wednesday. 

The bids will be opened at 01:00 pm on February 28 at the Finance Ministry. 

The bid security for the projects is MVR 690,000. 

Details of the hospitals were not disclosed in the announcement. 

Finance Ministry said qualified contractors for the project will be selected under International Competitive Bidding (ICB) method. 

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration has pledged to develop tertiary hospitals across Maldives and strengthen the healthcare system in the atolls. Several hospitals are being upgraded under the project.