Saeed: All pledges made by President Solih regarding electricity fulfilled

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) and Fenaka Corporation's Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed (L) at ingauration ceremony of N. Magoodhoo powerhouse on January 5, 2022. (Photo/President's Office)

Fenaka Corporation’s Managing Director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has fulfilled all the pledges made in connection to electricity.

Speaking at a special ceremony held at N. Magoodhoo on Wednesday to inaugurate the new powerhouse and office building established on the island, Saeed said that President Solih is the only leader in the whole wide world to have facilitated basic services to all citizens of a nation.

“By expanding the service across the Maldives up until today, his excellency (President Solih) has not just become the maistry of facilitating basic services to all citizens of the nation,” he had said.

Saeed added that Fenaka will fulfill the pledges made by President Solih without discriminating between islands or political stance.

“Can give you the guarantee that as of December 30, 2021; no pledge made by the President in connection to electricity have not been fulfilled,” he had said.

Speaking further, Saeed highlighted that there were many obstructions faced in providing electricity services in the Maldives – and therefore individuals work around the clock, be it the weekend or an Eid, to ensure islands do not face power outages.

On this note, he added that power outages will not be faced in islands in which electricity services are provided by Fenaka, over issues that arise regarding capacity due to negligence.

However, he stressed that power outages are still possible – adding that even developed places such as New York and Singapore experience power outages as well.

He went on to detail that the only work to be carried out in a circumstance where there is a power outage is to quickly fix the problem and resume service in a manner it does not disturb the people. In this regard, he noted that Fenaka, at present, has the capability to provide a quick fix in case of a power outage.

Saeed has previously also discussed the feats achieved by Fenaka during this administration. This includes the completion of 99 percent of the work in isolating its powerhouses from residential areas.