Male’ councilwoman Nahula sued for MVR 1.6 million

Male' City councilwoman Nahula Ali. (Photo/Facebook/Nahula Ali)

A private company has filed a lawsuit against Male’ City councilwoman Nahula Ali, alleging failure to repay a MVR 1.6 million loan. 

According to the lawsuit filed by Zed MC Traders Pvt. Ltd., the company loaned money to Nahula on multiple occasions since March 10 to finance a café, her campaign for the local council elections, and other expenses, totaling MVR 1.6 million. 

The company’s legal representative, Mohamed Haleem said that the company had served Nahula a seven-day notice and tried to settle the case out of court, but failed to secure cooperation from Nahula. 

The company therefore filed a case with the Civil Court. 

According to the company, it signed an agreement with Nahula to equally share profits and losses from the café in question. The company said that after the agreement, Nahula , in addition to taking money to cover the expenses at the café, also borrowed money. 

Zed MC Traders said it decided to sue Nahula because she violated the agreement. The company said that Nahula had the phone numbers of the company’s owners blocked, making it difficult to get the money she loaned. 

Nahula, who was elected to the Vilimale’ seat on Male’ City Council in April, was not immediately available for comment regarding the lawsuit.