LGA asks Shujau to respond to complaint lodged against him over Fiyavathi incident in writing

Male’ City Council’s Hulhumale Constituency Member Ibrahim Shujau captured at a PPM press conference. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

Local Government Authority (LGA) has asked Male’ City Council’s Hulhumale Constituency Member Ibrahim Shujau to respond to the complaint lodged against him for entering the state-run children’s shelter, Fiyavathi, amidst the uprest on last Friday.

A letter sent to Shujau signed by LGA’s CEO Fathimath Afshan, read that the Parliament’s Human Rights and Gender Committee is investigating the uprest which occurred at Fiyavathi on the night of September 17 – during which it had been noted that Shujau had entered the premise amidst the uprest.

It was further detailed in the letter that Shujau had conversed with some of the children living at Fiyavathi – due to which they have been adversely impacted. The letter also said that the Committee’s investigation had found that Shujau had allegedly helped members of the general public to enter the premise – which the Committee had requested LGA to investigate.

In light of all this – it was stipulated in the letter in Shujau is being asked to respond to the complaints, highlighting the issues he would like to raise by writing and submit it to LGA before 12:00pm of September 26, Sunday.

Acknowledging that he had received LGA’s letter alleging that he had entered the premise of Fiyavathi in defiance of the laws – Shujau said that he wishes for his statement to be taken in-person instead of in-writing. He further stated that he would not back down in fulfilling his responsibilities in the capacity of a local council member – as stipulated in the Decentralization Act.

Requesting LGA to launch an investigation into Shujau regarding the Fiyavathi incident was proposed to the Human Rights and Gender Committee by its member, South Fuvahmulah MP Mohamed Mumzthaaz.

On last Friday, children seeking shelter at Fiyavathi had caused an uprest, alleging mistreatment. They were seen climbing on the roof of the building, as well as yelling profanities. They had also lit part of the building on fire.