LGA to Felidhoo Council: Regulations must not infringe on constitutional rights

V. Felidhoo Council. (Photo/Facebook)

Regulations formulated by councils must not infringe on the constitutional rights of any citizen, says the Local Government Authority (LGA).

LGA made the remark in a statement on Sunday, after the Felidhoo Council decided last week to deny its services to residents and their families, if they have outstanding payments to the council.

On Sunday, the LGA said that decisions made by councils must be based on laws and regulations.

The authority said that individuals who fail to settle outstanding payments must be penalized in accordance with agreements made with said individuals.

LGA stressed that councils do not have the authority to constrict fundamental rights that do not fall under agreements.

“It is important that councils pass and gazette relevant regulations before making decisions that is not compulsory to be enforced upon any individual,” said the authority.

The LGA also said that it found the failure to pay councils for services concerning, adding that it creates huge financial constraints to the provision of councils’ services.

The Felidhoo Council had made the controversial decision last Wednesday.