Azim: Aim is to carry out the most number of projects during this administration

MTCC's Managing Director Adam Azim. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company’s (MTCC) Managing Director Adam Azim has stated that the company’s biggest aim is to carry out the most number of projects within these five years – in order to ensure that the current administration is the one in which the company has carried out the most number of projects.

Speaking at a television program broadcasted by Raajje TV, Azim stated that a lot of efforts were underway to see to it that they reach this goal – adding that this was a good opportunity to serve the nation, which they will make the best use of.

“The goal is to work tirelessly in this great opportunity bestowed upon us to serve the nation. Our whole team’s aim is to diligently do a lot of work in order to ensure that the most number of infrastructural development projects are carried out within the shortest amount of time - being the five-year term of the current President,” he had said.

Highlighting the efforts underway to ensure they reach this goal – Azim stated that the company was working on making arrangements to work around the clock on major projects undertaken. He also added that the dredgers of the company are already in operation 24-hours.

“In order to introduce working around the clock to additional harbor projects – we are trying to acquire extra equipment. This will assist in picking up the pace of the projects,” he had said.

Speaking further, Azim said that the company had carried out its projects to its best capacity even during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also noted that they were working on replacing old machinery with new ones.

“This is not an easy task. We do get tired even,” he added.