Fuad: Nothing Elections Commission can do in Mahloof case

Elections Commission member Fuad Thaufeeq during a press conference on January 26, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Elections Commission (EC) member Fuad Thaufeeq states the Elections Commission does not have the jurisdiction to make a decision regarding MDP’s decision to disqualify Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof from its national council elections. 

Fuad told Sun on Wednesday evening that the Elections Commission cannot make a decision in the case, and has informed Mahloof as such. 

“We have informed him that the Elections Commission does not have the jurisdiction to say the decision was right or wrong,” he said. 

Fuad said the Elections Commission instructed Mahloof to follow MDP’s internal regulations in the matter, and pursue other legal paths if necessary. 

Fuad said the Elections Commission also advised MDP in response to the complaint lodged by Mahloof over his disqualification. 

“Our answer to MDP was that we appeal for them to conduct internal elections in accordance with in accordance with set policies, bylaws, and relevant laws and regulations,” he said. 

Mahloof said he lodged the complaint with Elections Commission following lack of response from the MDP Council of Appellate Judges and MDP chairman Hassan Latheef to letters requesting a review of the decision to disqualify him from the elections. 

Mahloof had applied to contest for presidency of the North Central Province (K. Atoll, AA. Atoll, ADh. Atoll and V. Atoll). 

MDP had disqualified both Mahloof and State Minister for Planning Akram Kamaluddin. However, the party later reviewed its decision and decided to allow Akram to contest in the elections. 

Both Akram and Mahloof were named on the list of suspected beneficiaries of the MMPRC graft scandal compiled by the Corruption and Asset Recovery Commission.   

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) conducted an investigation against Mahloof and requested criminal charges against him last June. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office has yet to make a decision regarding pursuing charges.