Man arrested for threatening to hijack Fuvahmulah-Male' flight

Fuvahmulah Airport. (Photo/Facebook/Fuvahmulah Airport)

Police have arrested a man for threatening to hijack a domestic flight scheduled to depart from Fuvahmulah City.   

The suspect, identified as a 34-year-old Maldivian male, was arrested under court order on Tuesday morning. 

According to the police, the suspect threatened to hijack a Maldivian Airlines flight scheduled to depart from Fuvahmulah City to Male’ City.  

The incident was reported to police at approximately 08:50 pm last Monday.  

Police have not released any further details. 

The incident comes after Maldivian Airlines asked police to conduct an investigation after a laser light was pointed at another one of its flights as it landed at the Gan International Airport in Addu City earlier this August. 

Maldivian Airlines’ PR and Communications Manager Moosa Waseem told Sun earlier this week that the safety of passengers is of paramount importance to the airline, and that all threats to safety of passengers will therefore be investigated as a special priority.