Petrol shed able to simultaneously serve many vehicles to be established in Male' Industrial Village

A capture from the ceremony held at Planning Ministry for the signing of the development of a modern petrol shed in Male' Industrial Village. (Photo/FSM)

Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) has been contracted by the government for the development of a modern fuel shed at the Male’ Industrial Village – able to capacitate a large number of vehicles at the same time.

The Planning Ministry and FSM signed the contract pertaining to the project was yesterday.

According to FSM, the shed will be able to attend eight four-wheeled vehicles and 16 two-wheeled vehicles simultaneously.

Prior to this, FSM’s Managing Director had stated that the company was working on working on upgrading its petrol sheds located in the Male’ Area – to cater their services through advanced technology.

In this regard, he highlighted a self-service petrol shed will be established in the Male’ Area before they develop the new shed in Male’ Industrial Village.