Sri Lankan tugboat being sent to salvage cargo ship wrecked off Rasfari

Panama-flagged cargo ship Navios Amaryllis wrecks on a reef to the west of K. Rasfari on August 19, 2021. (Photo/MNDF)

The Greek owners of the cargo ship which wrecked on a reef off the coast of K. Rasfari are sending a Sri Lankan tugboat to salvage the ship. 

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF)’s information officer Hana Mohamed said the tugboat is expected to arrive in Maldives on Monday, August 23. 

The Panama-flagged Navios Amaryllis is wrecked on the reef to the west of Rasfari.   

The incident was reported to MNDF at 12:48 pm last Thursday. 

Hana told the press on Saturday afternoon that the Greek company which owns the ship has appointed Antar Maldives as their local agent, and are sending a Sri Lankan tugboat to refloat the ship. 

Hana said that the salvage work will be conducted following discussions with the MDF Coastguard.