Social media campaign to be utilized to push for Kooddoo-Villingili bridge

G. A. Kooddoo seen from G. A. Vilingili. (Photo/Sotti)

Due to delays in the commencement of work on the bridge to be built between the islands GA. Kooddoo and GA. Villingilli – a campaign to push the government to fulfill this electoral pledge has been announced.

Villingilli Council President Vishal Mohamed had told Sun that preparations to kick-start a social media campaign in order to push the government to commence the Kooddoo-Villingili bridge project were presently underway.

“This is one of President Solih’s electoral pledges – thus we believe that the government must fulfill this promise,” he had said.

Vishal stressed that the government had not disclosed a reason as to why the bridge project is being delayed.

“No reason had been disclosed as to the delay. We have sent a letter to the President’s Office inquiring about it as well – but they did not respond,” he noted.

Vishal also highlighted the completion of the Kooddoo-Villingili bridge will benefit the residents of both islands greatly – and also pave way for economic development of the islands.

“It would be a great easement for Villingilli residents who work at Kooddoo – transportation-wise. It would also make transportation of goods to Kooddoo airport much easier,” he added.

Villingilli Council also noted that Viillingilli MP Saud Hussain has been fully supportive of the Council and island residents regarding the matter.