Fully vaccinated family members allowed to visit inmates with negative PCR result

Security at Maafushi prison. (Sun File Photo)

Maldives Correctional Service has reopened the opportunity for family and lawyers to visit inmates and suspects in prison under special guidelines.

The guidelines compiled by Maldives Correctional Service state family members and lawyers can visit prison if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and it has been minimum 14 days since they received their second dose.

 They will be required to submit a copy of a negative PCR test taken maximum 72 hours before their visit to prison.

Visitors who have recovered from COVID-19 will also be allowed, as long as they submit an original document to prove it hasn’t been 60 days since they contracted the disease.

Meanwhile, children are required to submit proof of a negative PCR test taken maximum 72 hours before the visit.

The guideline sets the limit for the maximum number of family members who can attend a family visit to five – including children.

Meanwhile, the limit for the maximum number of lawyers who can attend a visit has been set to three.

Visitors are required to adhere to Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s guidelines throughout the visit, including wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Visitors are not allowed to carry any other item into prison, except for a water bottle.

Maldives Correctional Service warns that family visitors who violate the guidelines will be subject to immediate termination of the visit or barred from visits for two months.

Maldives Correctional Service said that family visits have resumed in Maafushi Prison and Asseyri Prison.

Family members in islands with no active COVID-19 cases can now visit prisons, and will be allowed to send clothing starting Saturday.

Maldives Correctional Service suspended family visits following a surge in COVID-19 cases in Maldives back in March.