4, including minor, charged with murder of Udhayyu

Ahmed Udhayyu (17).

Three adults as well as a minor have been charged in the murder of Ahmed Udhayyu, Lily of the Valley, GA. Maamendhoo. 

Udhayyu (17) was murdered in a violent altercation in Maamendhoo on February 8. Police requested charges against the four on March 8, and the Prosecutor General's Office submitted the case to the Juvenile Court and Criminal Court today. 

The Criminal Court cases are involving Ahmed Shameem, Rihifarudhaage, GA. Maamendhoo, Sharaf Rasheed, Billehmaage, GA. Maamendhoo and Mohamed Mazin, Gulfaamuge, GA. Maamendhoo. 

They are charged with taking part in a premeditated murder using sharp objects and violence causing grievous bodily harm with the use of sharp objects or weapons. 

The minor, charged with the direct murder of Udhayyu and the use of sharp objects and violence causing grievous bodily harm. Since the individual is a minor, their identity is not disclosed. 

Udhayyu's own brother was also injured in the violence. A post-mortem examination was also conducted on the body of Udhayyu later on.