COVID-19: 20 percent of samples from Huraa positive

K. Huraa. (Photo/MTCC)

Around 20 percent of samples collected for COVID-19 in K. Huraa have returned positive, according to the Huraa Health Center. 

Huraa was placed under monitoring mechanisms on March 23 after an elderly individual brought to Male' City tested positive for the virus.

Random samples, as well as samples from direct contacts, are being collected from the island in connection with the case. 

The Health Center of the island said that four more cases were confirmed today, bringing the total number of cases on the island to 94. 

A total of 449 samples had been collected from the island. 20 percent of these samples have tested positive while 64 percent tested negative. 66 samples are still pending. 

A Health Center official said that a large portion of the island's population had been affected by the virus, leading to an increase in random sampling on the island.

The Health Center also requested for the cooperation of everyone to effectively control the virus before advising everyone to wear masks, and cooperate with contact tracing and to disclose if in case of contact with a positive case.