Fisherman sustains fish hook injury to the eye

A crew member a fishing boat in Huvadhoo Atoll who sustained a fish hook injury to the eye on Wednesday, has been transported to the regional hospital in GA. Vilingili for emergency medical treatment.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) identified the injured as a 55-year-old Maldivian – a crew member of fishing boat ‘Hushiyaaru’ which was fishing nine nautical miles outside the uninhabited island of Ekefaru Kan’daa.

The incident was reported to MNDF at 09:58 am this Wednesday.

The injured crew member was transported to Vilingili with the assistance of MNDF Coastguard Southern Area Squadron at approximately 11:55 am, for emergency treatment at the regional hospital.

Maldives has seen a rise in fish hook injuries to the eye in recent weeks. The latest incident comes at the heels of a similar incident near the M. Muli buoy last week, and one near the Kulhudhuffushi buoy in February.