Dr. Nazla: Maldives faced with a new sense of normal due to virus

National Emergency Operation Center medical officer, Dr. Nazla Rafeeq speaking in a news conference. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

IGMH doctor and National Emergency Operation Center medical officer, Dr. Nazla Rafeeq has said that the Maldives will be faced with a “new normal” after the current situation with Covid-19 is over.

Speaking in a news conference last night, Dr. Nazla said that until a vaccine for the virus is found, the situation will be the same. She added that the introduction of the vaccine does not mean that the country would have it. After sourcing the vaccine, it would take time to administer it to those who need it as well, according to Dr. Nazla.

Until that time, the country would not return back to normal.

“In that sense of new normal, we cannot stay close by as we used to, we have to maintain a distance. This should be made into the norm. So, institutions should pave the way to make people accustomed to this. Arrangements should also be made in the same sense.” said the doctor.

Notices and signs should be placed where people can easily see and the public should also be encouraged to change their lifestyles, said Dr. Nazla. She added that the HPA would work to create awareness among the public regarding this.

Government spokesperson Mabrouq Azeez had said last night that those who were in need of a ventilator may not get one if social distancing is not practiced or implemented in the country.

“Not the number of those infected, but how many are infected per day. For instance, if we get 10 ventilators and we have 100 cases, 90 people would not get treatment. But if the 100 are infected in a varied period of time, we can ensure that the doctors, nurses, and ventilators to treat them are available. If it happens in any other way, no country (can manage), the reason why bigger countries cannot handle the situation is also because of this.” said Mabrouq.

He advised the public for frequent handwashing, social distancing and following the instructions of medical practitioners.